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Massage auf der IAA – was unser Auftraggeber zu sagen wünscht

Hi Claudia

I am so glad all went well. I have received some great feedback so far, saying that the massage therapists were very professional and hard working. Your therapists are a fantastic group and please pass on my sincere thanks to them all.

I have to say, above all, you were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. You are incredibly professional, organized and great business  partner to have found. I have often found it very hard to find people that work in a similar way to how I work, but in you I have found my match! You work in the same organized manner and I felt confident with all your organizational work.

I look forward to when we can next work again in Germany and hope that in the next 2 years there may be further work.

Thanks you once again to you and your team.

Kind regards

Rachel T. King

Account Manager

Relaxa UK Limited

Main: 0845 345 3172 / Direct line: 020 3617 1824  / mobile: 07974 561 277

(Rachel’s working hours: 8am – 2.30pm Mon – Fri)rachel.king@relaxa.co.uk